Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finished My Hot Wet Beijing Trip

Time flies as always. My 7-day Beijing Trip was finished finally...It was worth it anyway. With everything arranged quite well, I found my only responsibility was to take some pictures, or maybe sometimes carry some bags if possible, since I was the only man then(damn proud of it). The Great Wall, Tian'anmen Square, Summer Palace, Beijing University, I went there 20 years ago, but I have forgotten almost all of them. I guess I will never forget about them after this trip...The Great Wall is smaller than I thought, and so is the Tian'anmen Square...Beijing impressed me a lot since the first day I have arrived there--the city is not as exquisite as Shanghai or Chengdu, but everything seems to be bigger in Beijing. The roads, the buildings, everything seems to be the headquarter, thus bigger than in other places. IT IS THE CAPITAL CITY~~


I couldn't help comparing Beijing with Shanghai on the first day. Shanghai, as the most westernized and modern city in China, is somewhat ahead of Beijing in terms of fashion styles and people's concept of consumption, while Beijing, as the capital city and the cultural, political center of China, is wider and broader in  people's hearts. However, the two cities both lack some kind of thoughts of accepting outsiders--the citizens in the two cities despise people from other cities to some extent. For whatever reason, this is what I dislike most. On this part, Beijingnese is better than Shanghainese, since Beijing people are more tolerant towards the outsiders. One example is that I found there are many "Chengdu cuisine" restaurants in Beijing, which I did not find in Shanghai. I think it is quite interesting. Staying in Beijing for a week made me realize the real traffic problems there. Beijing can be called the "Traffic Jam City" if you want me to give it a name. Under no circumstances did I exaggerate the traffic problems, since you can easily have the 30-minute jam on any given moment of the day on the road. From this point of view, Beijing gave me a little bit worry, since the olympic games will be held in Beijing in 2008...Let's see what measures can Beijing take in the end. Because of the olympic games, everything is being built in Beijing which seems to be a huge construction field: the Forbidden Palace, Summer Palace, everywhere, dusty and noisy. It is obvious that this is the worst time to visit Beijing. But I still like this city...To some extent, it's like Chengdu except that it is bigger.


I arrived at Chengdu tonight, and it is as hot and wet as Beijing...My trip to Beijing was worth my time, since I felt full and cozy all the time during the trip with my sis and bros...


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