Sunday, August 20, 2006

Home Rocks

Staying home is always my favourite part no matter where I am, how I feel, and I really cherish the time when I am home. I cannot believe in the end my time spent at home would be so short, and on top of it, I am not even sure when this kind of life would come to an end. Perhaps when you are fully concentrated on your study, you won't have such feelings. I know this, because when I met Joe in Beijing, I realized that I have wasted so much time on nothing, and it's high time that I start my busy working now. Home is always the best place for me to make up my mind to do something. I don't know why, maybe it's because home can give me the inner peace that I need, or the desired quiet in which I can think about my life and my future. Admittedly, when I was on campus, I have a little bit impetuousness, or it's because Chengdu is the place that can give a person the laid-back attitude towards life. Anyways, like before, I can just stay home for a week which is so short that I have to cherish every second at home, and I have to plan my every second at home. I don't know if this is pathetic, but thinking about leaving home in a few days always makes me sad and anxious...


Soon enough my summer break would be over, and when I am back to school, I am supposed to start my busy life. Hopefully, I can live with the pressure and uneasiness, and I can enjoy the great friendship and companionship there...



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  1. so nice tat u lov stayin home :) yeh its th last place where ppl wanna b after gettin tired from workin or studyin :) but for me, its not, i never lov stayin home... i rather hangin out wif frens around da campus coz wen i stay home, i got nothin to do... well, i wish one day i can feel like stayin home wif ma parents nd satisfy 'em :) ahh anyway, i wish u hav a nice day nd hav a good time ya' mwah! :D