Thursday, August 3, 2006


Well, it's good to be live, but it's no good for me to try so many times to update my space~~DARN~~~

Anyways, another thing I have to say is one of my dreams has come true---I got Christina Aguilera's new album-Back to Basics now...As for a diehard fan of her, nothing can be better at this moment, though thinking about my summer in Beijing would be screwed. Yes, I have to say this, because I planned so well...But all my plans paled in front of the professor's words...SHE ASKED ME TO STAY HERE UNTIL 20TH...I can't believe it...Though I came up with some excuses, I still feel bad about it. I guess I have to stay here and do some experiment until 20th when my sister and brothers have finished the trip to Beijing...I even had a nightmare last night because of this...What am I supposed to do? Will the teacher get disappointed if I quit?


My summer ~~~~How come I cannot have a full, nice, sweet summer break?!


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  2. Relax my friend, with one hand something takes, with the other one it gives!!!

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