Thursday, July 27, 2006

Let the Feeling Go with the Wind

Right after the moment I clicked the "Finish" button, I felt so released. I have locked myself in the room for a week, and I felt I was about to have a nervous breakdown(kidding). But I just want you to know how serious the situation was, and I was way too worried about that. Well, maybe bad things won't last long, just as the good things. Also, maybe it's not a bad thing from another aspect...Anyways, when I walked out of the computer room, I was freaking high, and I was jumping, singing, doing whatever I could...Yes, you don't need to know what I am talking about, all you can know is my released soul, well, at least for some days. Me<=== BACK~~~


Feeling that yesterday is supposed to be the day that I should remember, I cut my hair, and even had a red curl perm...I changed a lot yesterday...It is true that the day just after the exams is always the busiest day, but after that day, the person will go back the deteriorative era again. Me<=== not an exception!


Just as my sis and  I have planned, she arrived here last night, and I picked her up at the railway station very late, due to my delay on the hair thing.(yeah, kinda ashamed of it)...Anyway, it was good to see her and her slim figure...LOL...


As a matter of fact, OFFICIALLY, my summer break has begun, and I can enjoy the sunshine, and the companionship with my sis and my friends out there...The end of an era is the beginning of another, and whatever your feeling was in the previous era should not affect you in the new one...Life has to go on, forgetting the tough memories, and having the sweet things going around in your head would be your present remedy.:)



  1. nice day with ur  getting fit sis,
    curious about ur new hair style,lol~~~
    is it called 锡纸烫?haha  i also made my hair curl one month ago,but still original black hair lol~~~~~

  2. red curl perm, huh? sounds kool!