Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Site Down

Can't believe that in two days, I will have the tough exam, and I am still not ready for it...Yeah, probably no matter when you want to ask me, i will not say I am ready to go. Anyways, to top it off, MY PERSONAL WEBSITE AT SJTU WAS DOWN!!!!  And I don't know what is wrong there...The only message I got from the host was ' Due to the security factors, and lack of specific technologies, the web host has to be closed.' Well, that means I have to turn back to the host on, and I really hate it, since it is complicated to update my website...SIGH...Well, better bad than none...


After my tough time with the exam, I will come back and clean up the mess...





  1. Since i saw the ad in ur QQ profile, i rushed here immediately. i just regigstered a MSN Passport especially for leaving a word here and~~ i suppose u would feel a bit honored,uh?wa-ha-ha-ha!
    The only comment i could make right now is th
    at i've never imagined English is used in such a sophisticated way, let alone a space created in English thoroughly, though ur language talent has impressed us even in high school. Thus i could safely say that u never stopped learning and practising in the last few years. On the countrary, i myself halted after passing the CET and didn't recognize the real importance until the day when it was needed in academic research.
    From sweeping ur diaries and photos, it seems ur college and graduate life is rather colorful and interesting--at least not as that boring as me,hah. Since already came to Hangzhou, why didn't let me know and pay a visit to the place where i stay? Anyway,next time.And i also have reasons to go to Shanghai again.hope to see u some day.
    i would keep my eye here occasionally and leave my contact finally:

  2. I remember u told me u wouldn't need to take the exams? I'm kinda confused...what is it now?

  3. thanks~keep in touch~~