Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Wish I Could

I wish I could get the one back to love me,

I wish I could fly like a bird,

I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson,

I wish I could sing like Chester,

I wish I could get fitter, so that I won't need to work out any more,

I wish I could get Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics right now,

I wish I could be a mutant who has the power of controlling ice and fire,

I wish I could have the teeth brace without paying and feeling the pain,

I wish I could have the offer from MIT,

I wish I could get out of laboratory this month,

I wish I could slap the face of Icemint,

I wish I could become Brandon Routh,

I wish I could go to Tibet by train right now,

I wish I could make my MSN space  win the Polo awards,

I wish I could publish the papers on Nature now,

I wish I could see Stephen Hawking,

I wish I could talk to the chairman of ARI,

I wish I could go back to the Tang Dynasty, so that I can see Wu Zetian,

I wish I could kick the ass of Cixi,

I wish I could see the ocean again right now,

I wish I could ...


But after waking from my daydream, I found I just cannot...


  1. 哈哈~~~

  2. 有些也只是说说罢了, 呵呵
    像踢慈禧的屁股, 偶看还是算了。。。hoho

  3. I wish I do not need to control my weight any more!

  4. 嘎嘎~~~~我的英语实在是超级。。。。呵呵

  5. hi,this is Sabrina from sjtu,I've seen your space and website,guess what! I love Christina too,and come from Nanjing too! Please add,if you tell me where to download her new album ,that would be perfect,c u

  6. i like christina 2,and i'm a big fan of music

  7. Cool writing man.. I love it totally! 
    I thought of this after I read it..
    I wish I could not have wish Now that's a thought!  lol
    Oh I left you another comment in the blog below this one!  Hope you see it!
    I would love to go to Tibet!!! I bet it's the most spiritual city in the whole wide world!
    well I will see you later my friemd.. have a kick ass week, and weekend too!
    Randy hugs to ya!

  8. 呵呵,去我那里看看我的情侣装。