Sunday, July 16, 2006

Addicted to this Analysis Writing?

It seems to me that my everyday life has become a routine job which seemingly does not need any time to think seriously. Getting up at noon, and after lunch, I begin this endless writing practice till the time for supper. After that, I continue my way of writing until the time I should go to bed. Also I can barely stand the fact that every day I have to go to the dining hall alone--my friends thought that I was too busy to have any food!! Anyways, I cannot believe that when I need it most, I can't even get the least of it...Life is unfair sometimes, indeed.


I was taught to think about brighter side of everything that comes my way, and there is no doubt that this kind of practice really made my thoughts sharper and my words harsher lately. I cannot believe during my meal time, I could not help but think the blessings and curses of the chicken leg that I was eating, and thus I began to analyze whether eating chicken legs twice a day is good for health with the adequate evidence that I can ever come up with. Usually, before my final conclusion, I was often interrupted by some beauty walking past me or the graphic pictures on TV, and in the end, I could not come back to where I was thinking for most cases. Now, my conclusion is maybe I have got this Analysis Writing Syndrome.


Now you can see how exams have persecuted a optimistic innocent child...Wish I could come back to where I was after 27th...



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  1. I like this blog!  It was simple yet very deep in thought.. nonetheless... another great blog hylic.. I love it!  It sure provoked my thoughts... writing can become a chore if you let it!  I use to do the same thing, but for some reason... instead of anazlizinfg everything.. mine took on a creative side that couldn't be caged.. thank goodness it wasn'  I think your writing rocks the socks man!
    Oh, and a BIG thanks for your support.. I greatly appreciated that!  Youa special friend of mine as well.. always know that!  So those girls keeping your mind what's to do with you?  lol  I laughed about that!
    Have a happy Hump Day.. it's almost Friday!!
    I thought you would be finished with exams by now!  I guess you guys are on a different time line!
    Keep up the work.. it's ALL worth it!
    be safe & be well!