Friday, October 14, 2005

Be the good one

When you have someone who cares about you, I think that may be the nicest thing in the world.  As for the interpersonal relationships, I never thought it's something that is subtle and sensitive. But nowadays, I gradually feel stronger and stronger that it's not easy to handle the interpersonal relations. Maybe that's why that our ancestors tried so hard to research this, and wrote many books about it. For me, I didn't realise this until very recent days. It's not easy to be the good man without making any misunderstandings. We can never avoid the mistakes and misunderstandings. I still remember the fight and quarrels I had with Fan when I am a freshman. He used to write to me on a note saying that it was just another misunderstanding, we can solve this after all. I have to admit that our friendship is not easy: we used to be as close as we could ever be, and also we used to hurt each other so deep that we  never thought that we were  friends any more. But anyhow, our friendship survived and thrived...Up till now, I always think of Fan as my best friend in college even when we are no longer in the same university. We shared our life and stories with each other.It's my fortune to have found such a good friend. It's true that you may not see the rainbow without going through the rain and wind. Right now, I feel that I am more sophisticated and mature, and I am ready to learn the lessons of the next level.

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  1. Treasure the certain people whom u regard as ur friends.of course ,friends will finnally understand u ,even u once made them misunderstood .precious the care they give u ,and try to give them more.