Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A New Day

It's very funny that I thought that I am already 24 years old. Actually, I believe that I am just like any other people who don't wanna get old. It's damn sure that youth is gold. I did have a great time on my birthday with all my good new friends. It's a blessing that you can spend your time with your friends.


I went to the International Photovoltaic Science and Solor Energy Exhibition today. Without knowing what PV stands for, I just went there to explore the unkown. At first I thought maybe it would be fun, but actually, I realized that it'd be better if I have some knowledges of PV. Because the people there are all some experts in this field or CEOs--somebodies. You should act properly. Of course it's good to attend such kinda exhibitions to broaden our views, but I think we should know "how". Another thing I learned is that English is still very important, and I need to know the technical terms in this field so that I can better understand what people are saying. It's awkward that I have to nod to them when I didn't know what exactly they were talking about, even when I feel that my English is quite enough for such kinda situation. So as I have told myself many times before--keep on what you are doing, don't give a *** about what people are saying. I think I will have more oppurtunities to attend such meetings and exhibitions, and I am looking forward to them.


Another big news is that I reinstalled my computer again, and it's all English this time. Damn proud of it, since it's pretty hard to get the English version of windows in China, and I have tried so hard to install it. That's why I haven't log on on my birthday to write my blog, which I think it would be a remarkable way to remember my birthday, even though I don't wanna have my 23rd birthdat somehow...but I do love having my good time with my friends...LOL


Alrighty, I am back now...and in front of me are my maths homework and English presentation stuff...once again, I feel that my endless-homework-day is coming, just like a freshman who feels so helpless, aimless, and confused about his life. But one thing is different, that is I know what I am supposed to do.





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  2. it is really cool to find something u r supposed to do