Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Update

After that crazy period of time one week ago, everything seems to come back to the quiet way, although I know potentially it’s not the case. As I gradually realized that my Canon D10 cannot really reflect the real world in a way that I can be satisfied, I begin to think maybe it’s time for me to get an SLR camera. It won’t be soon I know, but it’s definitely something I need to think about. Although my Canon D10 cannot be replaced in so many ways, when it comes to real photography, SLR is a must. I knew that before I got my Canon D10, but I guess for different purposes, different tools should be used. Anyhow, there is not much going on in the past week and I guess it’s another sign that I am getting more mature as I am not that sensitive about anything that happens around me any more. I tend to sit down and be quiet to think about things instead of getting dramatic, simply because, I guess, I have been through a lot this year. Life is still going towards the right direction, but sometimes I have to believe in fate.

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