Saturday, November 6, 2010


Maybe 2010 is meant to be not easy in the very first beginning and I guess I will just write my yearly summary eventually. One thing, though, that I am very expecting is that Burlesque is coming out in November and I have made my decision to watch the premiere. I deserve to treat myself a little better, I guess. For my October, what I see most each day is this scene:


It’s not a bad thing as I was granted the chance to study and I also found there are lots of great books located in Langsam Library. Say it’s ironic or whatever, I feel that maybe we have wasted too much time on the internet when we totally ignored the awesome treasure in books. It was a process of purifying the soul, and I have been benefiting from it since my first day in school. There is some difference between different people in different areas and we should realize that to have the definition of ourselves. Because believe it or not, we have been walking on the different routes and for most of the time we can do nothing to change it. We are functioning like the little tiny screw in this huge machine that runs continuously. We are small.

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