Thursday, November 2, 2006

Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup

I never thought I could do this, but after a few days, I am going to work at a place which is so attractive to me that I have been dreaming of. Of course, I am pretty sure that those days are really going to be tough and exhausting, but what am I gonna do to trade off for this precious opportunity to meet my idols? I don't have an alternative choice.


After the interview, Vance asked me to help interpret for his colleague this afternoon, so I am pretty sure that  I impressed him yesterday during the interview, otherwise I would not be the one to help interpret. This feeling is good---I am standing out. Good start! So I went to Fuzhou Road with Carl to buy something for the masters cup thing. Carl is 1/4 Jewish, and kind. We had a good conversation, and it was fun. But still, there is one thing always concerning me--I have to get up very early after 2 days, and I have to keep on doing this for at least 14 days. I am afraid that all my energy and time will be sucked up by this volunteer thing, which will delay my experiment in the lab...Yup, this is critical...Maybe that's what's called--if you want something, you have to pay for it!


God bless my following days!!


  1. If Juventus comes Shanghai, I will do the same things like U.~~

  2. ur english is always outstanding , u and ur english  has impressed me alot ,
    and surely u r impressing and will impress more others... lol~