Sunday, December 3, 2006

In December


      Hmmmm, it is in December now...How time flies...Yup, I am telling

myself all the time about this, because this is true...In just a few days,

I think my life has changed a lot, I am learning to care about other people.

For a long time, I believed that as long as you are a good person, you will

have love in the end...But it seems to me that this is not true, because

this is not enough--You need to be considerate and attentive too, more

 importantly. For a long time, I didn't really know what I really want, and

even now, I think I am just on the road to get to know about myself, and

to get to know what I want

in my life.


when I think of what I have been

through, I can't help letting my

tears rolling down

my face.


But thinking of that I am still lucky to have the chance to have

someone to care about me, I feel that's just enough.



  1. 看到版主的空间^_^

  2. I like that words from your heart...

  3. Finally I finished the black poems series...
    How is school?..

  4. OH How sweet!  Yes it's true!  I'm a very nice person, yteah I a temper to, but you what? I get lonely out here on the road.. and I so wish to SLOW DOWN and find THAT specail someone to share the rest of my life with too!  Great Blog kiddo!
    Wishing you the best of the best my friend,

  5. Hey, I am fine, thank you. Thanks for the visit. Actually this school days are the most wonderful times in all of your life. Remember this...
    Have a great day,