Sunday, November 26, 2006

Time To Get Lazy?

Back to normal, but I cannot deny the fact that I am getting lazy. Getting up at 11:00am EVERYDAY! It's not that I am too free or anything, it's just purely lazy. I don't know why I wrote this, because it is such a shame. Alrighty, maybe I wrote this because I don't have many things going on lately, while I want to write something. Ever since the masters cup, it seemed to me that time has stopped. I cannot believe how fast time is passing me by without my notice. This is like killing me softly, because I feel that my life is withering. Horrible...24, how many 24s can I have in all of my life? ONLY ONE! I am still messing around in my 24. Of course, also I need to admit that I really learned a lot in this year, since there are lots of things going on. But that is not the excuse that I can be lazy...

Alrighty, maybe I need to stop this thing, since life is always full of hope and joy. Hmmm...

It rains a lot during this time of year in east part of China. Although I like the rain very much,

the rain can cause me so much trouble in my daily life. 

I like the rain, because I like the smell in the soil,

because I like the rain drop that is soft and chilling,

because I like the way I walk along the road, listening to the sound of the rain...

I like the rain...












  1. I like to sleep with rain sounds... It is great!

  2. I am just looking around. There was some openning problem about the spaces but I think it is over. For examble, I can easily open Randy's space anymore... Have a great day, Zeynep.