Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Same Ole Same Ole

This is summer is still as hot as last year, but the only difference is that up till now I am not sure I could have time to go back home. I need to do lots of things, but it seems to me that every progress has ceased. I need to put myself together and make life going on. Every morning when I wake up because of the unbearable heat, with all the sweat on my body, I just don't feel like going anywhere but staying in the dorm, facing the computer screen and getting rediated by it.

Lately, I am pretty crazy about Warcrat DotA, and I play it every night with my classmates who are also as crazy as me. That is a lot of fun. When you indulge yourself in this killing and revenging battle, you just easily get over all the sadness and hardship in your life. I have to say, this is the best way of escaping from your life. Yay! But once you realize that you just spend your whole day playing this game, you will regret and think that you are just being a loser again. While enjoying the extreme joy and happiness in the game, you are giving your youth, energy and passion away. Maybe I am exaggerating the impact of this game, but having some sort of self control is never a bad thing, and it will benefit you in your future for sure. All we need to do is to plan our lives well enough, and playing the games can make us more efficient in work.

As for the board T-shirt thing, I just kind of have a feeling that we are following the fad which started lately on BBS. It seems that every board wants T-shirts of their own. In the beginning, it is cool and really self-expressing, but when it comes to the majority, the idea turns out to be a little bit lame. But anyway since I am also in charge of the whole thing, and I should make this work as well as it should be. Plus getting a new T-shirt is never a silly thought. I love new T-shirts! We had some discussion on the board last night, and I am glad that shanefilan is working really hard on this. I really appreciate what he has done on this. Also we are planning to have a sort of meeting up party lately. Actually it should be made a long time ago, but due to different reasons, we never did this. After Christina Aguilera's concert, I met some people who also like to visit WM board, and I realized maybe having this meeting up party is not a bad idea, because there are some people who would come, which is the one of things I am afraid of. So hopefully, with the help of shanefilan, we can make all those things work out.

Alrighty, here is the T-shirt that we are going to make(I made a little bit changes, and the final design is almost like this):





  1. I shall try my best not to break your dream :)

  2. I shall try my best not to break your dream :)

  3. Rediate?  What's it?

  4. Tips: girls should not believe in the size-thing when it comes to the board T-shirts...they are actually designed for boys and of a totally different measuring system with girls' clothes. I myself have a M one with my own ID being printed on it(it's a Inner Mongolia Board T-shirt), which is nice, but it's too big and loose for my figure... Girls should try those S ones, I suppose.