Monday, July 9, 2007

Just Need Some Prods

There are some people who can work and study efficiently from the very beginning till the very end without any hesitation or stop, and I really admire those kind of people who I have been dreaming of to be when I got into elementary school. But I am me, and nothing can change that. I have my gifts and I have my own of way of doing things. It's just that I need something to motivate the inner me.

Right now, it's the rainy season here in Shanghai, and it's unbearably swelteringly hot and sticky. I can't get back home now, because school won't end until the mid July. So what I am doing every day is wasting my time. But hopefully, things will change after I get some prods which I need deperately as the compliments that I need.

I am still at this crucial cross roads. Maybe I am a little bit late to realize what the real situation is, but I somehow still believe that I can make this through, and I will be fine. Or maybe I am just being too much blindly optimistic, and I have been overrating myself for some time, which is very silly. Anyhow, I still believe in myself that my day will come...

Hope these are not just the delusions of grandeur.


  1. Ask yourself:
    Who am I?
    Which is my way to the future?

  2. 我发现 我现在已经看你的文章学单词什么的了  你的文章写得越来愈好了~ lol~~

  3. 我还是用中文留。