Saturday, November 4, 2006

Ready 4 Action

Starts from 12th to 19th, and I will see the big tennis stars in ZERO distance, which is AWESOME!!! I met other volunteers at Qizhong yesterday, and this team is pretty international--China, Philipines, Holland, Canada, USA. Our boss, Vance, told us to be good to make our country proud, and from that moment on, I realised that I am not just representing SJTU, but more importantly, my country! It seems this volunteer thing matters a lot, and we are not allowed to take pics or ask for autographs of the big stars...SIGH...But the good thing is we can see them in their daily life--eating, practising, exercising. Yeah, we are like the servant, and we have to be good.


Vance seems to be casual and energetic, and I thought it must be easy to get along with him. So on the first day, I acted pretty casual too, and made jokes with Vance. Later, I was told that actually, Vance is a very strict person, and I'd better not mess with him. Therefore, I think I'd better be good, because this kind of thing is big indeed.