Sunday, November 19, 2006

When Masters Cup Is Gone

I don't know how many days that I had to get up early in the mornings, and how many days I had to strive to hold on; and how many days I had to tell myself that it's going to be fine; and how many days that I dreamt all about this masters cup...It was a hard work, and it was  humble too. For many times when I was putting the towels on the bench, and when I had to kneel down to collect the dirty towels, I felt that I was never the center of the focus, and people walking past me would not even look at me. But when I was thinking that Vance and other guys were still standing beside me, I felt strong again. For 15 days, I have devoted all my energy into this masters cup thing, and I have experienced a lot, and learned a lot...Also, I feel grateful that we met Vance, who is not only a generous man, but also, more importantly, a good man. In these days, I have met many people that I have only seen on TV or just heard of. It was so magical that I could have this chance to see them in person, and have this opportunity to feel that they are human too. I feel lucky that I have met so many great people, from the stringers to the ATP chairman, even though I may not have the chance to talk to them or  introduce myself to them. Maybe this is the pity that I have left on this masters cup. But mainly, what I have learned during two weeks was worth my time and all I have given.


During these days, I have met many new friends and they stood beside me, making the tough work surmountable. Alrighty...I need to stop here...Tomorrow is another day~~~



  1. 居然是(没有名称)一港

  2. so glad to c u having  a such a wonderful &memorable experience.