Monday, November 20, 2006

Normal & Ordinary

It was the first day after the masters cup, but it seemed everything was still on my mind. Yes, it influenced me a lot...Life is full of high points and low points, and after my devoting energy to this tennis thing, I feel unenergetic and exhausted for everything. I went to the laboratory this afternoon, and I did nothing except lay my head on the desk napping. For one thing, I am quite concerned that I might not finish the work that I am supposed to do; for another, when I am confronted with the work, I want to find every excuse to avoid it...I am so stuck in the dilemma! Or maybe I am such a drama queen, and after tonight, everything is going to be cheering...


Where is my plan, where is my life, where is destination, where is my mind~~I DO NOT HAVE A CLUE NOW...

1 comment:

  1. Looking back, all the things seemd to be wonderful due to those lovely guys working with me and our respected leader Vance, who impressed me most recently