Sunday, July 2, 2006

Nelly Furtado's New Video Updated

She might not be my favorite artist, but her music does blow my mind to some extent. I think she is a good artist, at any rate she won grammys before. Here, I present Nelly Furtado's new single video, called Promiscuous Girl, in which you can find Justin Timberlake's dancing. It was said that Justin will release his second album this summer too. So I guess we are gonna see a big war on the billboard this summer...Darn, of course, I wish Christina Aguilera can get what she want...Anyways, it was a good news that Christina Aguilera's new single has reached No.9 on Billboard Hot 100 last week, and this was her best peak ever since her grammy song-Beautiful, which reached No.2 on Billboard...Best wishes for her...


Yay...Officially, my summer break has arrived, but I have tons of things to do...Thinking about those things, I can't get cheered up...Maybe after tonight, things can be a little bit better...At least I hope so...Yeah, I am always a day dreamer...For whatever reason, hoping the best is not the fault, and it's my privilege that I can come up with to console myself. I read one good line in "Ice Age 2" today, that is "Let go the past, so that you can have a future". Also I got this good line from "Scrubs", "It may take lots of work , but it's worth it". So I added the two lines up, and my answer to my present problem would be like the following:


Let go the past, so that you can have a future. It may take lots of work , but it's worth it.


A good match, aren't they?



  1. u gotta give Loose a shot! it's one of the best albums I've heard so far this year. her next single Say It Right is awesome too.

  2. I like that yellow water melon~~~haha...nice ,nice
    will u be back during the summer vocation? if yes, when?
    I'll be back in couple of weeks and come back to Britain around late of Aug, do hope c u in Chengdu````
    i may transfer the plane in Beijing this time, so i can not catch u in Shanghai~what a shame...

  3. 要搬寝室了,收拾得都要疯了。都是英文,我中文比较突兀啊。哈哈

  4. pretty good one
    like it