Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Song Updated

Haven't written anything here for some time, it's just because that I am pretty busy with some sort of life things...Since many people who wanna see Christina's new video have seen it, I guess it's time for me to remove this video so that I can put some new songs here, and you guys can enjoy the elite songs that I chose...:P


Being through a lot lately, mainly emotional things, I have thought this through: there is no fault for you to cheer up every day, so that you can enjoy every single moment of your life. I can't wait to have this summer to have some fun. My sister told me that she would come to visit me, and I was excited about this. With her, we can always have our laughters, and funny stories. Believe me, she is a great storyteller! I adore her eloquence, because she is so good at this, and every time I can have a good listening...Believe me, I am the best listener EVER!  Cheers for this in advance.


Once again, I was banned on the university BBS. Darn, am I too rational, or am I too bold? I will be released in July 9th...Yes, like a prisoner now. But I managed to have another ID, so that I can still post whatever I like on the BBS. Catch if you can! :P I can be mischievous somtimes. Indeed!


I think this semester will end at the beginning of July, but I haven't gotten any official infomation on this. But anyway, I don't think there is any difference between summer break or being at present, because I don't have many classes. Even there is one, you can easily skip it, and no one will even notice it. This is the advantage of being a graduate student, and meanwhile, this is also toxic. Morally, and academically, if you loose up too much, you will have to have some hard time in the end of the semester. There is no doubt about, because I have been there. Anyways, after some time of cold war between me and the doctor student, he finally called the other day, and predictably, he asked me to help him do something. This time he convinced me to work in this field after his leaving in September, because as he claimed, this CCHP field has a bright future. For whatever reason, I think I need to think about this  before I made my decision at last. One thing, I know for sure, is that I am not a fan of programming. So if my teacher asks me to dig in programming, I guess I need to find some excuse to decline, if possible. All the results will be released in this summer...


Oh my oh, my big summer, so many things will happen...Now let me count them down here:

1.Christina Aguilera's New Album:Back to Basics

2.Sister's visiting in August

3.My darn English test in July

4.Work in the laboratory in Auguest

5.Go to Beijing and Northeast in Auguest

6.Spare some time to go home

7.Finish all the homework before the beginning of next semester

8.Work out every day, so that I won't be slim

9.In the process of thinking...


Oh, here is my Simcity 4 pics:(I am a big fan of this game, and I have been playing it for more than 3 years!!!)



  1. Hey little buddy! I am ok, and THANKS for asking.. You are so cool!  I have gopt to read this blog below... baby Jane!  lol..lo,... as in Betty Davis Baby Jane! lol!  You have a great week my frined, and will be  back to read it for    sure!

  2. ur holiday plan sounds fantastic. while u r enjoyin' ur freedom, I'm workin' my way out through these *beep* exams...cross ur fingers for me man :)