Monday, October 30, 2006

A New Start

The end of an era is the beginning of another. As I said goodbye to yesterday, I am entering to another field in which I am just like an innocent and naive kid who, however, is eager to learn things with passion and desire. Alrighty, maybe this is a little bit exaggerating, because sitting in front of the computer for a whole day is killing me and my neck, and I might very well end up surfing the net, wasting my precious time on nothing. I called today a beginning, and I need to think about some efficient ways of doing things, so that I won't feel myself useless.


Being in charge of the WesternMusic board on BBS of SJTU is interesting, but sometimes, very seldom, I do feel tired too. It seems that everything is becoming the routine, and I don't even need to think, or ask myself if there is any alternative better ways of doing this. I HAVE BEEN CONSTRAINED BY SOMETHING!! I haven't figured out what it is, but I feel I have been like someone I don't want to be. This kind of feeling is rather weird. Or more exactly, I feel my life, my time, my energy are all sucked up by something huge, endless. Perhaps it is just some meaningless redundant anxiety which will pass  soon after one night. Who knows? Or it is because I am too sensitive? As I was told several times by several friends...


Alrighty, I am going to do the same things tomorrow, and I hope I can do them better than today. So, good night my October 30th.


  1. 虾米意思哦。。。表急嘛。。。好事多磨。。。听话