Monday, February 29, 2016

Kentucky Fudge Company

The Kentcky Fudge Company was recommended by the locals for its famous Harrodsburg burger, aka Harrodsburger. It’s located in downtown Harrodsburg, a small town southwest to Lexington. The restaurant keeps a low profile as many other businesses in downtown, and we missed it a few times until we parked the car far away and walked there. With a big black chalk board on the wall, the menu can be read quite clearly. I ordered the signiture Harrodsburger and a soup. The dining area is big with two compartments connected by an open door. The waiter was friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing. My burger was quite big, but I was a little disppointed that the patty didn’t taste that fresh with very bland flavour. As my mind was somewhere else at that time, I didn’t really care about the taste as long as I was fed.

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