Thursday, July 30, 2015

ScoopFree Litter Box

Smitty, the cat, is quite lazy and he doesn’t bury his own poop. So cleaning his litter box must be done a few times a week. I was quite sicken tired of it and to top it off, he poops quite a lot each time. I know there is the automatic cleaning little box, but knowing it costs hundreds of dollars, I didn’t know it was worth it until I saw this ScoopFree littler box at one of the local pet stores. It was about $130, and it has the disposable silicone gel type of sands to absorb the odor. It wasn’t cheap, but who doesn’t want to be freed from the poop scooping job? Although, Jacob tried to tear it up one time because he loves cat poop for some reason, the plastic main body remained intact thankfully. I am glad I don’t have to clean that litter box so often any more.

2015-07-10 213923

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