Friday, December 30, 2011

F*** Off, 2011

Yes, that’s the words I wanted to use to 2011. What else can I say? My new year resolution is not to repeat what happened in 2011. Too much happened in 2011 and I don’t really know where to start. I was told that I could already write an novel about my experience in 2011 and of course when time is right I might do so. Even though time will heal everything and I will forget some of those things, I don’t think I will forgive how I was treated. It seems that bad things always happen together but it’s encouraging to know that at the end of this year, I could finally see the dawn and start to really pursue what’s in front of me. Maybe the only good thing is that 2011 left me with the experience that I couldn’t have learned otherwise, since for whatever I have learned, I paid the darn price. At least, now I know there are certain things I should avoid. To some extent, when I recall things, I still get disturbed sometimes. I wish I could look back one day and laugh about it, but it’s too hard to do at the moment.

Oh well, like what I mentioned before, everything will come to an end somehow and things will get better. And it’s not like nothing good happened in 2011 because I was lucky enough to know people who helped me pull through the difficulties. To them I am very grateful and I started to realize who my friends are and who I should trust. As depressing as it seems, I got more mature and smarter for the next challenges in my life.

Let’s just hope that 2012 will be different and better.

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  1. We can write a novel together about 2011. My year was pretty much hell. I bet we could sell a ton of copies! :)