Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just Back

Just back from what I have been dreaming;

Dropped on the wet and solid ground,

I realized I got this dirt and bruise.

Hurt and sad, but I am still me.

Nothing's different, except how I feel.

You are you, I am me, we seem not to meet before...



  1. havnt c u 4 a long time~~~ u know why ur blog seldom has msg left?becoz it's really ashame for us to show our english infront of u~~~ but we r old friends rite? we know each other very well,so...hehehow's everything huh??it seems good~~~~nice food,nice yueju,hehe

  2. Is it a lyric? I feel a little difficult to understand it.

  3. it's originally from me ~~haha...i am still trying to make a poem...:P

  4. ur poem is awesome!!! can't believe its originally from u ! maybe next time ur titile is poet!