Friday, December 9, 2005

Another Discovery

When I was sitting alone on the bus to Xuhui and back from Xuhui, I was thinking about something. How come there are always some people who feel not so happy, and bored? Well, when I looked at those couples on the bus, happily chatting, holding each other's can tell that they are happy. It's because they have found their soul mates! This is important to someone who thinks love is the most important thing. Well, actually, if you are a normal person, I believe you are always hunger for love.


Life is hard...You may love someone who doesn't even notice you, while someone may love you while you don't even notice them...It's the circle of hurting and being hurt.


  1. hoho~~~~~~大海文笔越来越好了!似有几分哲人的思考。细心感悟人生。所有东西都包涵在“爱”里。情人之爱、亲人之爱、朋友之爱,甚至爱你的仇敌......喜乐平安在心中。

  2. now u think deeper and deeper.hurting and being hurt.loving and being loved