Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Cheer Up!

If you have  ten things to bring you down every day, then try to find eleven things to cheer you up~


Life is going up, not sinking...

After the darkness, you will find the sun is still shining~~




  1. 今日受小波折。恰见此文,颇符心境。共勉之。^_^

  2. i dont' knonw how long didn't i get access to ur blog here.Sup ,hommie? seems that ur free time is full filled with opera. it is really cool that u have the chance to enjoy this kinda here in my city is still plain,especially in this cold weather,yes ,the wierd weather.and i plan to go to starbuck in the first snowy day here. oh,yes ,i also love the song from the movie "myth",but the movie itself seems to b much worse than the theme,i have to stop here.wish u a warmer winter and nice days!