Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Mini-Trip

It wasn’t New Year Eve but my roommate was throwing a crazy party in the sitting room, so I had to went downstairs to ask them to turn down the music many times in the middle of the night. When I was leaving the next morning, I found my roommate’s friend was naked sleeping on the couch and it was a mess in the house. Yes, I cannot wait to get out of this place. Although when we got to Lexington, I found my car was smoking and I was scared to death, it seemed that nothing major really happened eventually thankfully. We had several agendas for the trip and the fact that everybody was off on the new year holidays made everything a little difficult. The next day, we headed to Frankfort, the capital city of Kentucky. It’s a very nice little town with the Capitol and Governor’s Mansion on the little hill beside a river.


We barely saw anybody on the streets and the whole town was quiet and peaceful. The tour to Capitol was closed thanks to the new year holidays but walking around the building was a very nice experience since it resembles the Capitol in Washington DC. When we were leaving, we happened to see a ranch where the cows walked towards us. It was not surprising to see the ranches in Kentucky since it’s the blue grass state with its famous horses. The terrain in Kentucky is not as flat as in Ohio and those mild hills covered with grass were just purely beautiful.



When we finally got to Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky, it was already dark even though it was only 7pm. The Louisville Slugger Museum was closed but it was cool to see all the sluggers through the factory window. And of course, the big slugger statue was very unique. We had Italian meals at the "Old Spaghetti Factory" which was quite similar to "Spaghetti Warehouse" in Ohio. Our short stay in Louisville was not enough to discover the city in details but it was nice and refreshing to see many different things in a short period of time. The first trip in 2012 was special and meaningful to me and let’s hope 2012 would be the same.


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