Wednesday, February 22, 2006


OMG~~I am moving my dorm to a new apartment where the conditions are 100% better than where I am now on Saturday!!!...CHEERS!!!


As a matter of fact, I should have moved earlier last semester,but  due to some sort of reasons, the schedule was somehow delayed. But it's still cool that I am gonna live on the 13th floor...Better late than never!


It's a sunny day today, and everything seems to be quite catching up...Fresh air, beautiful sunshine, soft breeze, just everthing...Lovin' it.


Oh, also, today is my frist day to have the class of this semester...Yeah~Quite a day!


I love my life~~~^_^


  1. On first glance of your profile picture I thought.. "Rancid?" But then I'm like.. That is so very not Tim Armstrong. Second glance I thought "Benji Madden?" Now I just can't decide. Some insight puh-lease :)ps. You're cool with living on the 13th floor? Not superstitious at all I presume. Peace.

  2. Soooo.. who is it? Benji or Tim?!

  3. But I am not so exiting at the same time. It's too far away from my beloved basketball court, however, I also like the 13th floor, so high to have a beautiful sight.
    Anyway, you know we are in the same floor, but not the same partroom.
    By the way, "u r beautiful", this song is such a tender melody that makes me deep attracted.
    Wish u happy and luck^_^

  4. I try my best. What's with the ~~~'s everywhere?

  5. 我五一不补课的话,我可能来上海哈