Sunday, February 19, 2006

Think Twice

There's a song saying, think twice before you make your own decision. For most of the time, when we are not in the real situation, we just take it for granted.  Also there are some time when you are in the dilemma, no matter how hard you think, you still can blow it anyway. Of course, in the latter circumstance, we are not the one who can decide what we can do. But there is still something we can do to make it cool--think before you act. It's true. Besides, when you are not sure something is right or wrong, just wait and see, don't push. This is  what I have learned after my ID was banned on the board of Lovebridge. Also in a situation which you are not familiar with, I think there's no harm for you to know the rule first. In the claimed free internet world, no matter how free you think you are, you are still under some kind of controls which can differ from the administrations of the administrator in a forum to the management of the your internet server provider. So you can say, what you have done on the net has always been spied by someone. If you break some sort of rules, you are going to take the responsibility of what you have done. Of course, it's good to have such kind of regulations to make the free virtual world more ordered, but meanwhile, this world can be extremely dangerous too. Now I know how come people say that science is like a two edged sword which makes our world more colorful can also destroy our world in no time. And whether the net is a blessing or a curse all depend on us who made this monster. We can turn it into the angel or the devil just with seemingly the same thought on our mind. Sometimes the difference of the thoughts is so slight that we may even ignore it which can really change the world. This is like the butterfly effect to some extent. We cannot control the results of the little disturbance, but we can make the  little disturbance not happen...