Monday, March 6, 2006

A New Dorm

Yep, I have moved to the new dorm for like a week, where I can see a lot of scenes far away, because I am on the 13th floor, damn, babe. It's terrific!


 Because it's the brand new building, at the  moment I don't have the access to the internet temporarily.  The administrator said we can't log on the net until a month later. So currently, I just have to log on in the classroom using Wi-Fi to check my emails and get some information that I need. Needless to say, the speed and stability of the internet here is awful, partly because of the signals are not stable, partly because there are too many kind of internet users just like me. It's not surprising to see a classroom full of laptop users. Sometimes you even think that the laptop is the real notebook that everybody seems to have one. It's quite ordinary to have one. Of course, you can't live in this modern world without one. I can't believe that we are so dependant on this kind of machine nowadays.


Since it's the new semester, life is getting as easy as the beginning of last semester when it's like every day is a holiday...God, I can't believe how freaky I am. I am so addicted to my life which is still pure and simple.

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