Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Escaping Fancy Rat

So apparently, the big aquarium tank could not stop that little creature from escaping. If I were the rat, I would just stay in the aquarium and not worry about food or anything. The milky fancy rat’s sister escaped 3 days ago and I couldn’t find her until one day when I came back, I saw her stealing food in the kitchen. She ran into the back of the fridge really fast like a normal rat. It took me half an hour to get her and I was surprised to see how reluctant she was to get caught. It was a little disappointing to see her act like a wild rat honestly since I thought they were like hamsters who were very tamed. Oh well, now I put the screen on the top of the tank with another board to prevent them from escaping. The milky fancy rat has long finger nails, and every time I picked her up, she would leave scratched on my arms. I guess this is just the adoption period, hopefully.


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