Sunday, June 10, 2012

First Habitrail Ovo Home

I did some research online about the cages for hamsters or rats, and I found that Habitrail has really cute cages. It reminds of the Crystal Dome I had when I was in China. I actually saw the same Crystal Dome on Amazon and I almost wanted to get another one, but I realized maybe it’s time to try something new. One of the main reasons why I chose Habitrail this time was because I could actually put many tunnels together to form different mazes. Although I prefer a whole big cage without all those twists, perhaps I could make a good looking maze at some point. Also the main habitat dome is just very pretty. The delivery was fast and I got my Habitrail the second day after I ordered. But once I opened it, I saw a crack on the bottom of the cage and that really pissed me off. It was a little frustrating to know that I have to replace it and send it back. So now I am waiting for the new Habitrail Ovo Home for my ratties..


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