Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Habitrail Ovo Home

So once again, the Habitrail Ovo Home arrived today-2 days after I ordered the replacement for the one that has a crack at the bottom. I was surprised to see how fast it is but the fact that I had to go to UPS store physically twice was a hassle. Because the seller requires signature for the delivery and I don’t want to wait for another day since I won’t be home during the day time, I had to pick the package up myself. It was waste of my time, and I don’t really see the reason why the package cannot be left in front of my door. But I was happy eventually that the new Habitrail Ovo doesn’t have any issue. So tomorrow I will have to send the package back to Amazon, or I will be charged for that broken cage. Rats are very happy about the cage, and dogs are jealous to see me feeding them every time.


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