Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rescued Rattie

I was really hesitating to adopt another rat since those two sisters are just happy the way it is right now. But considering that I still have one empty aquarium cage, I might be able to have one or two more rats. So I contacted this guy who was willing to sell me a rat for $2. I thought he was just a normal rat breeder, but when I got to his house, I was surprised to see how many rats he has. All of them are kept in different levels of drawers and apparently those rats are mixed and they have babies all the time. Then I realized that he also has snakes upstairs. He showed me his snakes and I also saw a 8-foot long giant python in his big aquarium. Although he told me that snake is well tamed, it was a little scary for me to see that huge snake sniffing around the cage and I couldn’t help but look back constantly. He pretty much keeps a closed loop ecosystem in his house with those live little poor rats provided to the snakes as food. As much as I feel sorry for those rats, there is not much I could do and I picked a blond baby fancy rat to rescue. I mean that is just the law of the nature, those snakes have to live as well. I tend not to be biased and I used to have a snake as well. But I haven’t really gotten so close to so many snakes in my entire life and that was very informative to get to know different pythons as he was introducing each one of his snakes to me. He didn’t charge me the money for that rattie and he also gave me a cricket can to take him home.

I tried to put this little guy in the same cage with other two older rats, but I realized he was too scared. So I separated him from others eventually. Jacob was very very curious about the rats and every time I touched the cage he could sit behind me, seeking every opportunity to get close to that rattie.


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