Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ohio State Fair

This is my third time in a row to attend Ohio State Fair. I guess when you go there a few times with not much being changed for the fair, it seems nothing is really surprising any more. Or I should say everything became very predictable this time. Also, thanks to that bird flu, all the poultry sections that had anything to do with birds are closed this year. I feel like there were not as many people as pervious two years either. Anyways, we went there quite early on a Saturday, and the it was very hot. We had lunch at the “Taste of Ohio”, and then of course, had the traditional authentic ice scream at the butter barn while watching that butter cow that was made from butter, literally. Then we also watched the dog show, which was quite interesting this year. At the end of the day, Ken and I were both a little disappointed for various reasons. Still I am glad we went though, just because.

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