Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Live Photos Gone

It has been more than 2 years since Microsoft announced that Windows Live will be shut down, so I have migrated my blog on Google after that. Today, I accidentally found that my photos on my blog before 2010 were gone, so I checked on Skydrive and realized that the previous folders from Live disappeared. It is a little shocking that a big company like Microsoft would do such kind of things. Maybe they sent out the warning email like Google always does a couple of months ahead of time that I didn’t receive? Or I have taken this whole Live being down drama for granted? Whatever that reason, my photos are all gone and I am quite disappointed! I cannot believe they didn’t even offer the auto backup in a space on Skydrive. What if Skydrive turns out to be a failure after a few years? They are going to delete all the data on Skydrive again and start another product which would last only a few years? I don’t know how much Microsoft learned from their failure in the social network products, but they should know the only reason that there are people using Skydrive is that Windows operating systems bundle it! As much as l use Skydrive, I am very concerned about my data and I don’t know how much I should trust it. The only reason why I am using Skydrive is that I have 25G free space. So if one day Google decides to increase Google Drive up to 20G or more, I would start to use Google Drive in a heart beat, not because Skydrive is not good, but because I don’t know how reliable it can be. Microsoft is a great company, don’t get me wrong, but if they want to have a great success online like Facebook or Google did, they should be more original and innovative, not just duplicate the same ideas. Every time I saw that Bing vs Google commercial, it makes me sick. I have being using Bing since it came out, and the accuracy and content Bing is showing is no where near Google. I don’t know why they have that much confidence to show up on national TV-it is shameless and quite misleading. Microsoft stopped trying to be Facebook No.2 by shutting down Windows Live, and they should be who they are not Google wannabe again. Microsoft is the one and only, and they should continue being that way.

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