Monday, June 17, 2013


So aside from several Parker pencils I bought, I do have many other brands of pencils. Just because I didn’t write an individual review of each pencil doesn’t mean I have no thoughts about them. My criteria for my pencils are rather simple: retractable and cheap. Of course, I bought many pencils that are not retractable, and they are not my favorite ones. My work doesn’t require me to have expensive pencils, so I mostly buy pencils that are no more than $20. Amongst those pencils, my favorite brands are Papermate and Pentel because they make very reliable and popular pencils on the market. The last pencil which was a twisting eraser and retractable ClearPoint Papermate pencil lasted a whole semester without being replaced and the only complaint I had was the push button was sometimes in the way while I was using it. I am sure any of those pencils I bought can easily last several years without any issues, but I guess when collecting pencils becomes addictive, it is a little hard to stop. Now I am using this white PhD Papermate pencil which I bought a few weeks ago. I do like the fact that it’s retractable with a long twisting eraser, however, to write too long with it, it is a little heavy and thick. Also I don’t like the sound it makes when I am writing on a paper. Generally, I like it and I think it’s one of the best pencils.

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