Friday, June 1, 2012

Fancy Rats

So before I came to the States, I had hamsters and it was very difficult for me to give my hamsters away to my friends to take care of them. I guess I am just a big fan of rodents simply because they are adorable, fuzzy and small. Compared to hamsters, fancy rats or dumbo rats are less likely to bite and they tend to be more active in the day time. Plus they are said to be very smart as well. After I did some research online, I decided to adopt dumbo rats as my new pets. The reason why I didn’t want to buy them from the pets store was because it’s said the rats there are not well kept and they are mostly bought from breeders who don’t take care of them; so they are less friendly. I was lucky enough to find a pair of fancy rats sisters whose owner couldn’t take them away with her. She also gave me a big aquarium tank for these little two creatures. The only difference between a fancy rat and a dumbo rat, in my opinion, is just the appearance of their ears. They are both smart and sweet. Once I took them back to my apartment, Rocky couldn’t take his eyes off those cuties. I am still worried that he might manage to get to play with them and that could be a disaster. Dogs are not supposed to catch rats, but I guess things have to changed to the point where cats are afraid of rats, and dogs catch rats nowadays. I gave them cucumbers, cheese, pop corn and Oreo ice cream last night, and they seem to love the Oreo ice cream best. I will post more pictures here later.

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