Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Sims 3 vs The Sims 4

Being a fan of Sims series games, it was quite exciting to know that Sims 4 was coming out last year. The Sims 3 was probably the best simulation game out there, and I have been loving it since it was out in 2009. The good thing about Sims 3 is that it has the open world where you don’t need to have the loading screen to get to the places outside of your house as long as it’s in the same town. Of course, the more than 10 expansion packs made this game even more playable. What I love about it is that I can create a perfect Sim with every ideal trait, maximum skills, an ideal career, 5-star celebrity level and most importantly, never aging ability. Honestly, the only complaint I have against Sims 3 is its game loading time is pretty long, and the gameplay is not so smooth sometimes with occasional lagging.


The Sims 4, however, doesn’t have those issues, but with very smooth game running and fast game loading time. With that being said, I guess those are probably the only advantages that Sims 4 has over Sims 3, unfortunately. The elimination of open world makes it feel like Sims 2, and the cartoonish graphic looks quite cheap, which explains why the game runs smoothly. The camera rotation in the game is also quite painful, with obstacles from the bottom screen especially. Lacking some key items in the game is quite disappointing, especially dishwashers and garbage disposers. The fact that babies would turn into teenagers, skipping toddlers, just doesn’t make any sense. I am not sure if EA would make changes to fix those issues, but I just couldn’t stand the game. So far, I am still playing the Sims 3, hoping the Sims 4 would get better with expansion packs or maybe Sims 5 would come out some day.

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