Friday, June 26, 2015

Black Toy Poodle Puppy

Poodles are considered to the second smartest dogs after border collies, but as pet dogs, poodles are the smartest. Being stood up by a person from Craigslist for her chocolate toy poodle, we were a little disappointed. So after having dinner at the Melting Pot, we went to Most Valuable Pets again. That’s the only pet store in the city that actually mostly has puppies. I saw a beautiful 4 months old goldendoodle last time, but she was gone. Surprisingly, they have more puppies this time, including a black male toy poodle puppy. He was lying there in the cage quietly, but absolutely adorable when he met us. He is only 2 months old with not full grown baby teeth. After playing with him for a while, we decided to adopt him! Along with puppy food, toys and other stuff, we were happy to take home a complete cutie. Eddie and Jacob were curious when being introduced to him, but they were nice as always. The new puppy surely changed a little dynamic atmosphere in the household and everybody seems to be happier.


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