Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hamster Babies

So after I put two hamster together for a while, I realized the female hamster would frequently attack the male one. In fear of the male hamster’s safety, I had to put the female in another cage. Her mood changed a lot, and she was very aggressive a lot of the times. I guess after one or two weeks, the female hamster started to have a huge belly. Then I realized that she was pregnant. On Sunday afternoon, she gave birth to 11 hamster babies! Yes, ELEVEN! Now I have to find people who would like to have the hamsters, because as much as I want to keep all of them, it’s nearly impossible. So far, the female hamster has been a great mom. It seems she is quite calm and content now and all she does is feed those babies. I don’t want to bother her so I only leave the food somewhere far away from the mother and babies each day. Knowing there will be more cute hamsters coming to play is actually a good feeling.

2015-06-06 1229022015-06-08 115157

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