Monday, March 24, 2014

Horseshoe Bend Vineyard and Winery

Last year, I visited Wildside Winery, and it was great fun. Although I am not a drinker and as a matter of fact, I don’t drink at all, I found wine tasting actually very interesting. There are a lot of wineries in Kentucky, and they vary a lot in terms of quality, service and so on, like Chrisman Mill Vineyard is the typical bad example of the wineries. So when we got to Horseshoe Bend Vineyard and Winery, I told the lady about my past experience, and she was very understanding. I see myself as someone who can easily be entertained, so the sweeter the wine tastes, the more I would like it. It was not surprising that I didn’t like some of their dry wine, but I did enjoy their fruity sweet wine, especially that dessert wine. The lady also showed us their basement where they kept their barrels and wine. I surely enjoyed the experience there. The only issue I had was the winery is a little far from Lexington, about 40 miles away and the road condition is not quite promising when you get close. But I guess paying a visit there on a nice breezy spring Sunday afternoon would be nothing but joy and fun.

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