Tuesday, March 18, 2014


As I spend more time with the dogs, I gradually start to think that I am more of a dog person because I feel I know dogs very well. After last visit to the humane society at Versailles, Ken decided to adopt a cat even though he is very allergic to both dogs and cats. Russian blue type of cats would be his first choice as it’s said those cats don’t shed as much as other types. I spent a lot of time at that animal shelter with all types of cats, and I was very overwhelmed to make a decision. I guess what was holding me back was that I am concerned that the new cat might not get along with those playful dogs at home. Jacob and Eddie are two very young dogs and they live in their simple worlds where playing is the only important thing to do. So seeing a cat at the house would be the first time for both of them. Aside from my concern, Ken still brought back a cat called Smitty to give it a try. He has a beautiful Russian blue coat and he is super friendly. I was actually thrilled that Smitty would just walk up to me and let me pet him when the dogs were not around. Unfortunately, Jacob thinks he is something we brought back for him to play, whereas Eddie doesn’t even know what was going on and he follows Jacob everywhere. I guess after a few days, Smitty should get used to the sound, smell and voice of the household. So far, he still hides in another room from Jacob and Eddie.

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