Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blogger Labels Bug

So occasionally bugs would appear in Blogger, and I really don’t quite understand why it is so difficult to fix. I never had any bug issues with previous Windows Live Space or Wordpress, and it’s probably because they don’t give that much freedom to customers. I know users can customize a lot of things with Blogger, but I am telling you that fixing bugs is not fun, especially those bugs that cannot be fixed! What I would do with the bugs is that I try my best to avoid them, but lately it seems the label bug is inevitable as I found all the blogs I saw on Blogger have the same issue. So basically, in blog section, users can customize the general information and locations of these information. Blogger has the issue with that since the beginning and I have tried to avoid using some of those functions with issues. Recently, I found that you cannot customize the label or author function any more, although you are still provided with the function adjustment. It’s frustrating that you have to go through all the hassle if you want your blog to be perfect. The issue is not new and as far as I know, it’s been around for years. There are people in the community to help, but basically the easiest thing to do is rebuild your blog again.

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