Monday, March 10, 2014

Cute Cats

There are several humane societies in the area and I visited almost all of them recently. Given the aggressive reputation, it is probably not that surprising any more to know that the majority of the dogs there are pit-bulls. Yesterday, when I visited the humane society at Frankfort again, I saw a few pit-bull puppies and they are adorable. Anyway, every time I visited them, I would always spend some time with the cats. I know my current situation is too tough for cats, but maybe in the future I might have a cat. I had cats in my life before and I know what kind of cats would fit me the best. After talking to the cat lady there, she introduced a couple of cats to me and I found them really sweet and cute. This grey cat I found is really quiet and sweet, and I spent most of time with him. Although he is still very young, he is very cool and collected, but not mean or anything. I played with him for a while and I could see that he could really be a great cat. It is kind of disappointing that I had to leave eventually, but I guess right now, it’s for the best.

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