Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chrisman Mill Vineyards

With a good experience last time at Wildside Winery, we decided to have another try at Chrisman Mill Vineyards this time in town. This place closes at 7 pm everyday, so we actually missed a lot of chances to go there because of our busy schedules. Last Friday, we finally got to go there and I was a little surprised to see that this winery is in a mall area, where everything is more commercial rather than authentic in my opinion. I know judging a book by its cover is never good, so I tried to lay back and experience. The barmaid was very pushy and she did not give us any introduction to any of those wines listed on the menu. When we try to ask her something about a specific wine, she simply said she doesn’t know and walked away. I was actually offended by her service but of course I kept my cool the whole time. I don’t know why she was in such a hurry, and the excuse that the winery closes early could not justify her behavior because there were other customers who came later than us and still sat there. I don’t know about other customers’ experience in that winery, but surely if I was the manager of that store, I would definitely hire someone who is more professional and knowledgeable, capable of knowing the courtesy to serve as a bartender.

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