Monday, July 23, 2012

Parthenon, Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is about 3 and half hours away from Lexington and it is considered to be the music city. I knew Nashville due to the country music and there were so many songs about Nashville. Ken and I decided to give a visit to Nashville with the dogs as I found dogs are allowed there. The Parthenon is a real size replica of the Parthenon in Athens and we basically went there just for that since other tourist sites don’t allow dogs. It was hot on Saturday and traffic wasn’t very good in town for some reason. We didn’t go inside the Parthenon because we didn’t want to leave the dogs to one person and also the Athena statue isn’t very nice according to the pictures posted online. Anyway, the Parthenon was very beautiful and I could imagine how spectacular it was in Athens thousands of years ago. Nashville looks very nice and it’s a growing city unlike Cincinnati. The downtown part was full of people and there are all kinds of music bars along the Broadway street. I guess we will pay another visit to Nashville without the dogs some day.


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