Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

I thought about watching the premiere on Thursday night, but then I got too lazy to bother. The next morning I read the news about the theatre massacre happened in Colorado and I was shocked. However, we still decided to watch the movie on Friday night even though I was scared and constantly thinking how awful that incident was. The movie is the 3rd one from Batman movie series. I know a lot of fans love Batman to death, but I thought Batman was unprecedentedly vulnerable and Bane almost killed him during that fight underground. Catwoman was just a thief without any special power that I saw in older Batman movies. There were a lot of scenes portraying the cops and how strong they were to resist the ruthless plan plotted by Bane. For a while, I totally forgot I was watching a Batman movie because Bruce was defeated and trapped in a well for almost a month while Gotham surrendered to Bane. It is hard to imagine how most of the cops could survive 30 days underground without any supply, but I guess those are some of the details we might never know or we shouldn’t care. I was disappointed to see Alfred leave Bruce because he was afraid to see Bruce die, although Alfred came back at the end of the movie and found Bruce was still alive, dating Catwoman. In general, this movie was emotionally deep and touching, but is it a movie for kids to admire Batman as a superman? No. Batman was more human than before and it reminded me of The Amazing Spiderman.


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